Friday, October 22, 2010

C-Noteshce Media


The Independent Music Industry is a self sustaining entity unmovable by the forces that be! We will not bow down to any man..
The spirit of an entrepreneur cannot be contained or restricted to any one particular title. "Formal education can make you a living, but self education can make you a fortune"~ Jim Rohn
C-noteshce has added a few more titles to his director, editor & producer..
check him out and support good music~
radio personality/engineer/
C-noteshce is definitely
“The Next Best Prospect”!!
In addition to his
undeniable mass appeal,
this guy has an
extraordinary delivery
and spits like a lyrical
master creating
the most exquisite
images for all to behold.
Born in Talahasse Florida,
and raised all over the world,
he has lived in more
places than most people
have traveled to in their lives.
Developing his systematic
take over approach with
the slogan “Hood Anthems”,

C-noteshce has made the
Independent Music Industry
(IMI) his Kingdom!!

You Never Know

Ready Ft I-Marvel

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