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It is a well known fact that when it comes to the music industry, rap music has dominated the charts for the last decade. It is also a fact that urban culture itself has made massive contributions to the overall outlook that society maintains on life. However, it is very unfortunate that the quality behind what denotes a great recording artist has somewhat slipped away from the eyes of the public. One such artist that is trailblazing his way to bridge the gap between the idea of good music and the production & distribution of that music on a mainstream level, is none other than Don Evans Thomas II aka Don T. With sincere lyricism, this young 23 year old maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane music that supports the fact that he is the Truth! . An entrepreneur at heart, Don T created Wise Guise Entertainment and has know affiliations with successful independent entertainment companies such as Street Dreams Ent, Music Blueprint, Carolina Exposed, and Vandem Productions. He has been featured on a numerous albums. His originality and versatility reaches far beyond the music industry. He has been known to dabble in the writing of movie scripts and many other business ventures that make him well rounded as well grounded on the idea of being and becoming the overall tightest package possible. There is a well known quote floating around the music industry that Hip Hop Is Dead but the Young & Gifted Don T. plans to undoubtedly change that mentality. His beloved motto Upgrade the Mind Frame of the Rap Game is the driving force behind his ambition and passion to make sure people from all walks of life hear his personal message and understand him as a person. With the drive and audacity to take the listener on a journey of unprecedented proportions, his album blends top notch lyrics with deep rooted feelings. Keep your eyes on this up & coming rising icon, he is an unbreakable talent destined to succeed!

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