Dreamin Re-mastered by Chrono Khalid

ChronoKhalid Album Covers

When it comes to melodic aromas, this is what i truly call a breath of fresh ventilation..I have had the pleasure of stumbling across these innergalatic vibes via Chrono's facebook (www.facebook.com/chrono.khalid)A delightful entity of flawless frequencies, raw and smoothly subdued in a familiar vibration of hope and a promising outcome for the destinies of the musically charmed and enchanted through pure hip hop and unadulterated soul. Check out his myspace stream (www.myspace.com/Chronobeats) for more entrancing tracks like "Alien Girl" reminiscent of a Andre 3000 ahead of his time (or better yet ahead of your time, if you're behind)but don't get it twisted, he's in his own zone and you can surely drift away to a euphoric place in the music of Chrono Khalid...Explore more for yourself, Enjoy "Dreaming" and be inspired~

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