Supreme Lyricist H20 (Khalifah Alkhidr Imanuel)


Straight from the streets of South London! I recently got an e-mail that contained a zip file of about 11 explosive tracks from Brixton's very own Khalifah Alkhidr Imanuel aka H20! Needless to say, they were all so good and intriguing it was hard for me to decide which ones to share with you all. So many bangers to choose from, i decided to take my time in order to fully digest what this brother really means to hip hop. The truth seems to be seeping through the cracks more abundantly these days. Every new day brings forth a new crop of hip hop that resurrects the golden age of music as an art form. Khalifah carries a message that travels across the continents from Europe to the streets of the United States where we can all touch down on the common ground of freedom "by any means necessary"! This might be a game to some but to the conscious entities like H20, this is real life music. I couldn't choose a favorite so i decided to leave you with a brief but up-close and personal glimpse into the mind that holds an extensive book of rhymes~ Check out how he shifts through his catalog on the "Streetwise Video" and while you're at it, indulge yourself in a free mp3 download of the dynamically written track "The Season." This should entice you enough to seek more for yourself and connect with the fam on facebook....enjoy~

The Season.mp3


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