The ReMINDers

The Reminders

I feel so blessed to know and have met so many talented people throughout my musical journey's on this earth. Gotta give a big shOUT OUT to Smair and Aja aka The ReMINDers aka the best husband and wife rap & soul duo I've ever met. I think I first met Samir when he used to work at The Independent Records Store back when I was out in Colorado. I always thought that was the perfect place for an independent artist to work cause if you have to work, why not be around music all day. Me and Aja was building on knocking out a collab with me her and Basheba Earth (out in Denver) but we could never quite get our schedules together (I think she was pregnant at the time also) man time flies 4 real. I got mad love & respect for these two lyricist/emcees and they are most definitely making big moves all over the planet. If you haven't checked for The ReMINDERS u definitely need to...peep the video below of them doing their thang out in Germany and the Recollect EPK video. Be sure to look them up, like them on facebook, and support this group. This is what I call high quality music in a more than impressive package full of substance that anyone in the hip hop collective can enjoy~

The ReMINDERS Recollect EPK Video

The Reminders

The ReMINDERS Black Roses (Germany Trip)

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