The Best Rapper 2 Die & come Back...ya'll aint ready! The Next Best Prospect On A Mission...This was a life changing event....that I never want to revisit but will 4ever be a part of {The Rap Tablets} We recorded "Mad World" while his mouth was still wired shut...I remember how paranormal it felt when I got The phone call...How he was laying on the table and the police were standing around with his bloody clothes...& I thought to myself oh my God! He got a bullet in his head...Fu***k!!!
They want him dead...he was still talking though.."Get these people away from me Keba...I don't want to go to sleep...don't let me die~ The doctors was acting weird too...telling me to tell him to go to sleep.... he finally drifted away... I spent the night in the hospital...I read to him the next day ...tubes and wires everywhere...It must have been the day after the next (or the next)...Cause all I remember is one day he was trying to take his tubes out so he could talk, and the nurse was like "Ya'll need to leave cause he gettin to excited" ( I Can't remember everything)...but all I know is his recovery was God Speed! I was totally drained from the experience... and then I got another call...
"C-noteshce said where you at"..."How in the hell is he talking already" is all I could think...and when I finally got back to the hospital, he sat up in his bed and said "What took you so long!!!" His mouth was wired shut but I heard him loud and clear lol.... I was like "woe to the man that try to stop this soul" he is outta control....and determined to survive....he actually manifeseted his will power & God Blessed him. Truth Camp~
PS.. The footage above is when they finally removed one of his bullets.....
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